LEEP - Laboratório de Ecologia e Evolução de Plantas Universidade Federal de Viçosa


PPGBot and LEEP offer discipline and participates of an international project - BIOBRAS

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Professors João Meira-Neto and Andreza Neri from LEEP are offering the discipline BVE 790 Plant Diversity in the Campos Rupestres offered during the development of the BIOBRAS project in 2019. Students Bruna Brahim and Nathália Silva are among the participants. The project is financed by DAAD and led by Prof. Tillmann Buttschardt from Landscape Ecology Institute of WWU-UniMünster. In the picture, graduate students of WWU, UFMG and UFV receive instruction of the next day activities in Serra do Cipó given from the Prof. Ricardo Solar, UFMG. Foto by Joao Meira-Neto.